The value of strong photos for business and where to get them

As a team who aren’t the hugest fans of having photos taken, who do we go to when we want the best? Matt and his team from The Photography Project is who!

Matt is also part of the Achieve More Online team, so when we asked him to share his expertise in a guest blog post he was more than happy to help! Matt is an Accredited Professional Photographer with AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography), Australia’s leading membership body for the photography community.

Matt’s personable and enthusiastic style immediately puts everyone at ease – us included!

His creativity and technical expertise allow him to snap magnificent images to represent a business perfectly. He is able to capture that “wow” factor in a real life situation.

Over the last 10 years, Matt has been privileged to shoot many varied photography projects from hero shots for websites, to cover shots for high volume brochures and magazines, and also entire corporate image libraries.


The value of using the right photos

Photos make you real – they communicate your business personality and connect with your potential customers… in a very short amount of time.

The right photos strengthen your brand and your unique point of difference. Your marketing gets stronger and more unique to your business.

The right photos move potential customers from knowing you, to liking you, to trusting you… very quickly! This is essential in both print marketing and on your website.

The right photos can connect with your ideal customers instantly.


 What to consider when selecting photos for your marketing

 It’s all about your customers… use photos that your potential & existing customers love and that communicate your message to them successfully. You may have to ask them to make sure you’ve got it right!

Photos can heavily contribute to your “look”, your brand – so use a consistent style across your imagery so they strengthen your brand.


How to get your photos

Here are 4 options when it comes to sourcing photos:

  1. Take them yourself

If you have the time, passion, equipment and ability to take the right photos yourself… perfect, go for it!

  1. Purchase stock photos

Stock photos are royalty free photos that you can purchase for your marketing. There are many sites but check out istockphoto.com. You can search for any keyword/photo and up comes a selection of photos to choose from. Stock photos are a great resource but warning… I do not recommend them to communicate your personality/people/team.

They are not you, they are generic, other websites and marketing material will probably have the same photo and they don’t make your marketing authentic. Today’s customers are savvy and will know.

  1. Ask your suppliers

If you on-sell products, ask your suppliers if they have high quality images of their products. Many do and will happily supply them to you.

  1. Hire a professional photographer

A good commercial photographer can build you a unique collection of high quality images that capture your business personality. These can transform your marketing and can be used for many applications.


What makes a good photo

Less is more. The less “information” in the photo, the more impact what’s in it will have. It should be obvious what that photo is trying to communicate.

Most importantly of all… a good photo is one your ideal customers love!



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