We are social media nerds at Hola PR and work closely with our clients to ensure their brand personality shines through their social media.

We are on hand to provide advice about what social media to use in your business, set up social media accounts, run competitions, manage social media advertising, develop content strategies and monitor and implement those strategies. We provide full social media reporting too so you can make sure that time you are investing in social media is working. Thanks to the Hola PR big team we can ensure your visual (photographic) and video presence on social media is also top notch.

Social media is so important in business these days.
We like to think of it as word of mouth on steroids!

Recent studies are showing that people are turning to social media to research products and services. For example Australian users who have discovered new information on Facebook about a business or product, recent statistics show that 60% would go on to learn more and about 35% of people would then share that information with their friends!

But being active in social media is about choosing the right tool and doing it well. We coach clients to ensure they pick the tool that is suitable for their audience and then manage it appropriately.

At Hola PR we also understand that being active in social media is not confined to 9-5, 5 days a week and so work with our clients to manage social media at all hours.

As part of our approach to social media we also research key influencers on your behalf, engage with them, build your online community and act as an extension to your customer service arm.

Want to see social media management in action? If so visit our portfolio page for an example of how we work.