Media – Traditional

We can help clients get editorial coverage for their business – from expert commentary in the latest business magazine to media stories about an upcoming event or product launch, a speaking spot on the radio or television coverage for that big announcement.

Media Relations continues to be a big part of what we do for our clients and our expert approach will ensure you get editorial coverage that works.

When working on a media strategy for a client we ensure anything we do is targeted to the publications their customers read – both online or offline. We love nothing more than to liaise closely with a variety of journalists on behalf of our clients to ensure our client’s get their message in front of the right readers.

We work in a variety of industries and have strong media contacts across Australia and if you believe action speaks louder than words, we would love for you to visit our online portfolio.

So what does good media relations look like?

As PR professionals we are often caught between what it is a client wants to say and what we know the media is looking for.

So, the one thing we can promise in our approach is we won’t waste your time or budget writing media releases and pitching a story we know isn’t going to fly with our journalist friends.

We see it as our job to listen to our clients and help you find the angle or that magic hook that will be meaningful to the media and their readers.

So if you think we ask a lot of questions up front, that is why!

Good news stories that are media worthy have the following key ingredients and no release by the Hola PR team will be distributed without at least one or two of these:

  • TIMELINESS – if it’s new, chances are it is news. This is where our ability to work to tight deadlines comes in. We make sure your announcement is hitting the airwaves with immediacy.
  • CURRENCY – this is a great approach in generating media coverage. If you can link your story to a trending topic, we can make it newsworthy!
  • PROMINENCE – it needs to be relevant to a media outlet’s readers, listeners or viewers and the broader the appeal the better.
  • HUMAN INTEREST – a good media story is not just about facts and figures, it is about real people.
  • NOVELTY – this can often ensure newsworthiness! So if you have something unique to say or a bit quirky, often we can get you coverage.