Media – Online

It is no longer enough to have a media strategy that simply looks at traditional media outlets – such as radio, TV and print.

Bloggers, YouTubers, Instagrammers and other online outlets are becoming more essential in the PR mix. At Hola PR we see it as our job to understand your business and find influencers on your behalf.

At Hola PR, we excel in the area of online PR. We are PR pros, but also online nerds so think we offer the best of both worlds.

From reviewing online news outlets through to researching bloggers relevant to your product and service, we will make sure you we find the best people to work with to help promote your product or service.

So who is an influencer in your business?

This is the million dollar question and usually equates to a pretty simple formula. If someone has the trust of your customers and also a way to reach them, then they are a potential influencer. Obviously the larger the trust and the larger the reach (ie ability to get to them) the stronger influencer they are.

Influencers can be journalists (traditionally) but also now very much bloggers and social media users. At Hola PR we are not afraid to look beyond your traditional news outlets on your behalf!

If you are interested in finding out more about our work in this area, we would love for you to check out a recent case study in our online portfolio.