What can Public Relations do for my business?


I am often asked so, what can a PR company like yours do for my business? And what exactly is PR anyway? What is it you do?

In fact the Christmas and New Year party season saw me asked this my friends, family and new people I had met. I realized my answer was often long and complicated!

So it got me thinking …. As a PR firm what is it I can do for you? I decided it was three main things:

  1. I can help you get found by your customers.

A lot of marketing will claim this but great PR can ensure your message is heard by the people that matter most to your business. I will help you think of new ways to talk to and interact with your audiences and get your message through to those people you want to target.

  1. I can help you impact what people say and think about your business.

Perceptions are such a big part of the brand and a great PR consultancy can help you talk and listen to again the people who matter most. I can also offer honest advice when I think you need help in managing your reputation, in fact one of the things I pride myself on at Hola PR is being super honest and open with my clients.

  1. I can help your credibility.

You may have a great business and be awesome at what you do. But it is my job to make sure others recogninse that too. Whether it be through getting you quoted in the media, to helping you with award applications or industry speaking events I can make sure your audience sees you as they should and has no hesitation in wanting to work with you.

What are some other important things to note?

I can work as part of your bigger marketing team. So don’t be afraid to employ a team of consultants from different agencies.

So many people get confused about what PR people do, marketing folk do, online and social gurus do etc. But a great PR agency knows what they are good at and can work as part of a team.

Integrated communications are essential, so I will always ask what other marketing activities you have in place to ensure PR is working harmoniously with what else is going on in the business.

As a business, never be afraid to employ the experts in each area. And if you are stuck, I have some great people I can recommend in the areas of marketing, SEO and SEM and events too.



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