Podcasts – have you been ignoring this little gem in your online marketing toolbox?


Is this a familiar scene? It’s 7am. You’re driving into your city-based job from your home in the suburbs. You’re stuck in what is effectively a car park (on the freeway) and as you look around; you see hundreds of people – just like yourself – crawling along like a snail on sand. Sounds horrible, right? Well, to us marketing folk – this sounds like an opportunity!

Remember, most people have a portable device – so whilst they’re travelling to work and back on their daily commute, chances are they have their iPhone, android, MP3 player or iPod with them.

Daily commuters would probably appreciate something more productive to do with their commute-time each day. Some people use this time to learn a new skill, such as a foreign language, while others may like to hear an interesting interview from someone who inspires them?

This is where opportunity comes in to play. You have a chance to get your message across to that captive audience! And one way to do that is through a podcast…


What is a podcast?

The word podcast comes from the word ‘broadcast’ combined with the word iPod (even though it is not a concept Apple came up with!)

Effectively a podcast is a radio style talk show (audio) that is created by someone who is an expert in that topic or field.

People subscribe to podcasts that are then automatically delivered to their device or computer. It is this ease of automatic delivery that makes them so powerful.


What do I need to create a podcast?

It’s pretty simple actually. You need a computer, a microphone, access to the internet and some software to help you record and edit your audio.

Plus you will need GOOD CONTENT. Remember, no point investing a whole lot of time in creating content no one will want to listen to.


What makes a good podcast?

A podcast is an opportunity for you to position yourself as an expert in your field. It works particularly well for people who work in a professional services field.

People also love to listen to people who are passionate about a topic, so make sure you know your stuff and speak with enthusiasm and passion!


Want more information about how to podcast?

Thankfully there is a load of great information about podcasting available on the web. One of our favourite resources is Podcast Answerman – definitely worth checking out!


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