Industry awards – is your business getting the recognition it deserves?

LoreleiCampbellPRIAAwardThis week, the team at Hola PR were pretty darn excited to have received a Commended Award in WA’s PR industry’s night of night’s – The State Awards for Excellence, prompting us ponder if other businesses out there are getting the recognition they too deserve?

It’s no secret that industry awards strengthen a company’s reputation and image, and the words ‘award winning’ would fit comfortably into any company’s bio – but surprisingly a lot of businesses don’t even consider entering their industry’s awards, even though they would stand a very strong chance of winning.

Perhaps the thought of entering hasn’t even crossed their mind; or perhaps they’re not sure that they match up to their competitors, leaving them nervous about the thought of losing and the consequent loss of credibility? But even being shortlisted is a big enough achievement, and you don’t need to tell anyone that you’ve entered until the shortlist is announced!

So why should you be considering entering your industry’s awards? Think of your company’s recent accomplishments, which may include:

  • A successful project or campaign
  • Best practice
  • Business growth
  • Sales growth
  • Innovation
  • Outstanding leadership

It’s not about ‘blowing your own trumpet’, but acknowledging your achievements and reminding your clients or customers why they love your company, and showing potential clients or customers that you are one of the best in your field of expertise.

But award submissions can be tricky, with strict criteria and formats to adhere to. No matter how great your accomplishments, if your submission isn’t well written and well presented then you needn’t waste your money on the entry fee.

They can also be very time-consuming; as they require a long drafting and refining process, not to mention the fact that everyone wants to have their 10 cents worth (and who can blame them!)

We actually don’t mind any of that – writing award submissions for our clients is one of the most rewarding things we do – and it’s even better when they win!

So if your business is doing well, celebrate it! And give it the recognition it so rightly deserves.


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