How to write a great media release

At Hola PR we are pretty clear on what makes a good media pitch and what doesn’t.

We see it as our job to listen to our clients and help them find the angle or that magic hook that will be meaningful to the media and their readers.

We will always consider what the journalist needs.

However, sometimes we find ourselves caught between what it is a client wants to say and what we know the media is looking for. So just to help clear up a few media release ‘must haves’, keep reading below and find out  what makes a great media release.



A good media release has IMPACT – it matters.

Our job as PR people is to demonstrate that impact.

Facts and figures will leave people cold, but a great story won’t.

So it is not just about ‘The Reserve Bank has increased their rates by 10% overnight,” … think “With the Reserve Bank’s increase in rates by 10% over night, Australians will now have to pay $100 more a week on average in mortgage repayments.”


For fear of stating the obvious, if it’s not NEW it’s not NEWS.

Despite this feeling like a really obvious ingredient for a great media release, it is something many clients often need reminding of.

This is why getting that big announcement out in a quick and timely manner is essential and the team at Hola PR have been known to stalk clients for this reason on a regular basis J


Often a great news story can be linked into a trending topic, such as The Budget or Climate Change for example.


By that we mean it is not just relevant to 0.1 per cent of the population of Busselton, but it has broader appeal – ideally to the journalist’s readers/listeners/viewers.


Remember a great story is a great story! It is not just facts and figures, it’s about real people.


This is not one many clients can pull off, but if you have something different or unique – often it will make for a great news story!


Not a realm we normally work in, but definitely a key ingredient for a news story.


A media release doesn’t have to tick all these boxes, but it needs to cover off at least a couple to be in with a chance.

These are the basics. Without them, the media release goes straight to the trash – and the PR person sacrifices their professional reputation with that journo.



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