Content is King on Facebook – but is there more to it than that?

As PR professionals, copywriters and social media nerds, you will often hear the Hola PR crew talk about great content being EVERYTHING. And don’t get us wrong, it definitely is the most important element to so much of your social media efforts. But there is also a teeny bit more to it that just that.

Let us explain our 3 top ingredients for Facebook success:

  1. Okay, so we admit it. Great content is definitely the number 1 ingredient. Facebook’s algorithm rewards it. If you have great content, chances are your Facebook likers will engage with it and thus Facebook will reward you by having your content appear in your ‘likers’ newsfeeds more often.
  2. The Right People. Your page needs to target the right people. You want to make sure your content is reaching those potential customers you want to reach. We are back again with our Hola PR mantra – it is about a conversation with your customers …. Or potential customers of course!
  3. They say timing is everything … and yep, well in this case it can be. Keep a super close eye on your analytics and make sure you post your awesome content with the people who are engaged with your page are most likely to be online. Also if content is part of a trending story or suddenly sees a whole lot of engagement, it can pop back up in the news feed. Sometimes if an earlier post relates to a trending topic, it receives a bit of a belated boost from Facebook’s algorithm. So keeping on trend and on topic can also help.

Facebook is a fantastic social media tool if you know how to use it, otherwise it can end up feeling like a bit of a waste of time. But by considering content, audience and timing you will be well on your way to making it work for you!


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