Are you really ready to work with a PR Agency?

Are you really ready to market your product or service?

We get a number of new business enquiries at Hola PR each week.  The enquiries can range from someone in an established business looking for some guidance in the world of PR and Marketing to someone in a new business looking to kick off their new venture with some awesome branding and a PR plan in place to get new business.

Of course we get excited about the opportunity of working with new clients from different industries, however we initially take a bit of a different approach that we think sets us apart from many other consultancies.

For each and every new enquiry we get, we will ask for a briefing document to be completed. Whilst it is not an onerous task, it does a little bit of checking to see if you are ready for us (after all we don’t want for you to waste your money working with a PR agency if you just aren’t ready to take on the world just yet)

So what is we want to know before we start working with you?

  1. We want to know about your business, what industry you are in and what you are wanting to promote.
  2. We want to know about what makes you different from your competitors.
  3. We want to know who your target audiences or ideal customers are. And we want to know about them in detail!
  4. We want to know what your business objectives are. We believe that any work we do must align with those.
  5. We will ask you about an approvals process, what services you think you might require, what you are looking for in a PR agency and also an idea of your budget and the timeframe you are looking for.

 So why do we ask all this? 

We want to make sure that any work we do for you a) helps your business right where you need it most and b) speaks to the people you want it to.

Basically, we don’t want to waste your time or money. We also want to make sure we are the right fit for you and you for us.

If you are struggling to answer some of the questions we ask you, that is okay – we can recommend some pretty amazing people you can chat to first to help you nail the answers and make sure you are well and truly ready to promote your business to your ideal customers.



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